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The Mage

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ages wield the elements of fire, frost, and the arcane to destroy or neutralize their enemies. They are a robed class that excels at dealing massive damage from far away, casting elemental bolts at a single target, or raining destruction down upon their enemies in a wide area. Mages can also augment their allies' spell-casting powers, summon food or drink to restore their friends, and even travel across the world in an instant by opening arcane portals to distant lands.As a mage you are open to a world of abilitys.

Fire-Fire causes burning to explode within you enimies,causing massive damage and after burn to your enimies.Fire brings such skills as phyroblast, fire ball, and many other deadly spells.

Frost-Frost brings bone chilling attacks that cause your enemies to shiver in fear.This deadly abillity causes your enimies to slow down or completely freeze in place. Frost comes with such skills as frost bolt, blizzered, frost shield, and many other bone chilling spells.

Arcane-Arcane brings quick death and damages to enemies. Arcane is magic. This skill uses such spells as arcane missiles, arcane shield, and many others.


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